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What will you do to get your idea noticed?

Everyone agrees you have come up with a great idea. Perhaps you have been working on it for years, or perhaps it came to you in a flash of inspiration. The question is now: What will you do about it?

In today’s global economy the opportunity exists now more than ever to realize the potential of a new invention. Every day thousands of people come up with great ideas and do nothing about it. Most quit before they get started. They convince themselves that the process is too complicated, too expensive, and too time consuming. The fact is this: DO NOTHING, GET NOTHING.

Thousands of manufacturers and merchants around the globe are actively searching for fresh, new, and exciting ideas. They realize the success of their organization relies on new inspirations often found outside the circle of their organization. This is where we can help. If your product qualifies you will be invited to register it with Ipexx.

  • Most new ideas are suggestions from consumers…like you!
  • Realize the financial potential of your ideas
  • Get the recognition you deserve
  • Get international confidential exposure 

Once registered, manufacturers that agree to our strict confidentiality requirements will be able to examine your new concept to see if it fits their criteria. Unlike mining through millions of Patents trying to find a product that has the right fit, our process enables manufacturers to search for ideas based on criteria that are important to them.

Furthermore, Product Registration with Ipexx affords you the unique opportunity to obtain non-binding orders directly from merchants, therefore considerably strengthening your negotiating position. Imagine approaching a manufacturer with your idea with orders already in hand. 


Realize the possibilities...

Quick - Often, the key to market success is speed. The ability to get your idea in front of the right decision makers at top companies can make a crucial difference to a product’s success. Once your product is registered with Ipexx it will receive immediate confidential exposure to key executives at top manufacturers and merchants who are currently pursing new ideas for their organization. Only by registering your idea with Ipexx will you have this unique advantage. Naturally, the faster an idea can get to a manufacturer the faster it can make it to the market and the faster it can reward it’s inventor.  

Confidential - If you have come up with a great idea the last thing you want to happen is for someone to steal it. All inventions, ideas, and concepts submitted to Ipexx remain strictly confidential and are protected by our international legal binding Confidential Disclosure Agreement. This gives you, the inventor, the advantage of confidentially disclosing your idea to top manufacturers and merchants with the confidence that all information will remain secret. This opens the door to establishing lucrative licensing agreements and placing non-binding orders with merchants, while maintaining the confidentiality of your product.

Cost Effective – For small inventors with limited resources the legal and marketing expenses to move forward with one idea let alone three or four can be exorbitant. Often, inventors are discouraged by the cost and complexity of trying to establish their idea in the market despite their confidence in the potential market success of their product. Excitement often dwindles. Ipexx provides a low cost method to move forward. Registration fees are minimal thereby allowing an inventor to proceed with their inventions in cases where they may not have done so before. Registering your product with Ipexx can significantly reduce the capital put at risk while retaining the opportunity for potential success.  

Access – Getting access to manufacturers and merchants and their top executives is no easy task. Registering your product with Ipexx let’s them find you.

Privacy – Any idea you Register with Ipexx is private. Likewise and financial compensation that you receive also remains private.

No Expiration – Unlike patents, which expire and then become freely reproducible in the public domain, Product Registration with Ipexx never expires as long as you maintain your registration fees. This gives an inventor a tremendous advantage during the development stage in that they can fully focus their resources on developing their ideas rather than attempting to navigate the maze of legal proceedings surrounding patent work. An inventor can choose to pursue patent work only after it has become imminent through Product Registration that the given idea will be a financial success. Thus saving valuable time and resources.

No Long Term Contracts – You are not required to make any long-term commitments

Cancel Anytime – You can cancel your Registration anytime with no cancellation fees

Support – Unlimited free customer support

Guaranteed – All Ipexx products and services come with our no questions asked 30 day 100% TOTAL SATISFACTION UNCONDITIONAL GURANTEE. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any Ipexx product or service you may request a 100% refund.


Often, the difference between success and failure is being bold enough to be there first...

If you are a manufacturer you understand the importance of keeping a full pipeline of fresh ideas coming in. The competition is only too eager to leap frog your efforts by introducing the next hot idea. We can help.

If your organization qualifies you will have access to our confidential, secure, and encrypted online database. Naturally, your organization must agree to our strict confidentiality agreement. Once your organization has been granted access, you will be able to search for ideas based on criteria that are important to your organization. Unlike wasting thousands of man-hours mining through existing patents you’ll be able to narrow your search for products with greater efficiency. Contact us to see how we can help keep you competitive.

  • Set the lead in your industry
  • Identify innovative products early
  • Search by target market
  • Search based on development level
  • Complement your existing product line
  • Maintain your competitiveness


Help your clients to help themselves, have them register their idea today

You have worked hard for your client to fulfill your due diligence, it has taken months, perhaps years, but your client finally has a patent for their idea. Initially, they are very enthused, expecting manufacturers to start knocking on their door to take up their new product. When nothing happens they often turn to you for advice. “Why is no one interested in my idea?” The fact is someone may be interested in their idea if they only knew it existed.

We can help. We work with products at all levels of development including those that are seeking patent protection and those that are currently patented. We can bring immediate international confidential exposure to your clients' ideas. Contact us to see how we can help your clients and improve your practice.


You know what your shoppers want... we'll help you find it

If you are a well-established Merchant with a multi chain distribution network, you are in a unique position to recognize first hand the latest in consumer demands and trends. Why not use this positioning to your advantage? The retail market can be fiercely competitive. Responding to rapidly shifting consumer demands can directly correspond to the success of your establishment.

We can help. Once your organization is approved, and agrees to our strict confidentiality requirements, you will be able to search for exciting new products, many of which are still in the early stages of development. Thus giving you the opportunity to place non binding orders for exciting, new, and fresh merchandise that you know your customers want. You’ll be able to place orders for products your competition doesn’t even know about.

Contact us to see how we can help. We’ll help you realize the possibilities.


For every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction - Newton's Third Law of Physics

Your Idea

You have developed an idea. Innovation without execution will result in nothing. You need to take action.

Get Started

Register your idea with us. It is completely secure and confidential.


While waiting for manufacturers to respond, you have the flexibility to continue to develop your concept.

Get Paid

Reap the rewards of your innovation should a manufacturer decide to license or purchase your concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to register my idea? 

Product Registration costs’ are very low. Ipexx registration fees typically average less than a daily cup of coffee.

Is registering my idea the same as a patent? 

No. A Patent can only be issued through the corresponding government agency that is authorized to do so. The patent process may take years to complete and cost thousands with no guarantee of results.

Can you guarantee that I will make money? 

No. It is impossible to guarantee the success of any product.

Is submitting my idea online safe?

Absolutely. Ipexx uses bank level encryption and state of the art online security measures for all online forms.  

How safe is my idea with Ipexx?

Ipexx employs multiple leading edge security devices, from secure HTTP to 128-bit data encryption. Our bunker like data center provides state of the art protection. All of our network equipment is under secure 24-hour surveillance. To access the site there are several levels of security that must be passed where each entry point provides smart card readers, scanners, photo encoded ID, palm print, and other ID confirmation measures. Additionally, all customer data is stored on a server that is configured with RAID 5 redundancy with an onboard hot spare. Data is also stored on network-attached storage, which has its own built in redundancy, thus providing an extra layer of protection. Furthermore, we employ redundant firewalls that are continuously monitored for unauthorized access. All customer data is automatically backed up daily to a tape library system. Tapes are taken offsite to a secure location that is designed to safeguard tapes under almost any environmental condition. The offsite facility exceeds industry storage requirements and is located over 100 miles away from the data center.

Do I need to have a working prototype?

No. In most cases a working prototype is not required. Additionally, we request that you do not send any prototypes or samples unless specifically requested to do so.

Do I need to have technical drawings?

No. Technical drawings are not required to submit your invention. However, should your product qualify to be registered, we may recommend that you include artwork to your file.

Who is Ipexx?

Ipexx is a private Limited Liability Company that has been duly formed as an international private Intellectual Property Exchange and Transfer Registrar; providing confidential, secure, encrypted, and private online access for Product Registration.

How much will it cost to submit my idea for review?

We will review your product, idea, concept, or invention on our own time and expense. Should any further fees, percentages, or other costs be required you would have to agree to them in advance.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. In most cases it is unlikely that an inventor’s first idea will result in market success. Therefore, to improve the chances of success, it is necessary to keep creative energy flowing. We strongly encourage all inventors to maintain a journal of their inventions and pursue the most promising innovations in their portfolio of ideas. Invention success is often a numbers game, with those willing to do the work reaping the largest rewards.

I think my idea may be somewhat far-fetched will you reject it?

We endeavor to be as liberal and open-minded as possible. However, it is necessary for us to operate under conservative guidelines. Consequently, your idea may be rejected for Product Registration. Please do not take this as a personal offense. Just because we cannot move forward on your product does not mean you cannot. You are still free to pursue your idea independently. Regardless of our decision, all of your information always remains confidential.

Can I have a Co-Inventor named on my idea?

Yes. We will gladly note this information for you in your file.

Is Ipexx a government sponsored agency?

No. Ipexx is a private Limited Liability Company headquartered in Washington, D.C. USA.

If I register my idea do I still need a patent?

Ultimately this is your decision. Statistically, over 97% of patent holders earn no money from their patents or are able to even recover the legal expenses to obtain the patent. It is our view that patent work should be reserved for products whose income potential appears imminent. Thereby avoiding unnecessary expense and disappointment. Product Registration with Ipexx enables an inventor to test the waters of income potential while discreetly maintaining confidentiality.

What form of payment does Ipexx accept?

Ipexx can accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch, Solo, Delta and JCB.